Niger – New constitution approved

Unsurprisingly, President Tandja’s referendum on his proposed new constitution was overwhelmingly passed on 4 August. Therefore, Niger is no longer semi-presidential.

According to Le Sahel, the Commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI) announced the following results:

The Constitutional Court, which was only recently reconstituted by President Tandja, has approved the result.

In the end, the victory was perhaps greater than expected, as Jeune Afrique implies. Legislative elections are set for 20 August and the presidential election for 14 November.

Given Niger is no longer semi-presidential, I will no longer post about it, except in the context of a possible return to semi-presidentialism. As it stands, this is unlikely because the opposition is so weak. However, President Tandja will need to maintain the support of the military. A coup could change the situation.

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