Bulgaria – Parliamentary election

Bulgaria held a snap parliamentary election yesterday. The election was due to be held in July, but was called early by PM Boyko Borisov following protests. PM Borisov headed a single-party GERB government.

The results are as follows.

  • GERB – 30.74% (-9), 90 seats (-19)
  • Socialist Party – 27.06% (+9.3), 86 seats (+46)
  • Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) – 10.46% (-3.5), 33 seats (-4)
  • Ataka – 7.39% (-2), 23 seats (+2)

No other party crossed the 5% threshold. So, GERB remain the largest party but they have lost support.

Previously, GERB had been in power as a minority government. The three other parties have ruled out joining a coalition with them. This means either another minority GERB government, which will be more difficult this time, or a coalition between the Socialists and the DPS. In this event, there would be a period of cohabitation.

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