Bulgaria – Presidential election 1st round

In Bulgaria the first round of the presidential election was held on Sunday. With Novinite reporting that 97.6% of the votes cast have been counted, here are the figures:

Rosen Plevneliev (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria – GERB), 39.8%
Ivaylo Kalfin (Socialist Party – BSP), 29.1%
Meglena Kuneva (Independent), 14%

With 87.59% of the votes counted, here were the figures for all of the candidates;

Rosen Plevneliev (GERB), 39.83%
Ivaylo Kalfin (BSP), 29.17%
Meglena Kuneva (Independent), 14.06%
Volen Siderov (Ataka), 3.66%
Rumen Hristov (Blue Coalition), 1.85%
Svetoslav Vitkov (Independent), 1.4%

So, whatever the exact tally, there will be a second ballot between the top two candidates. Meglena Kuneva ran as a former independent, but was previously a minister under the National Movement for Stability and Progress government. It is likely that her votes will go to the GERB candidate, who is almost sure of being elected. If so, then Bulgaria’s period of cohabitation will end.

In addition, local elections were held too. Bulgaria directly elects the mayors of its largest cities. The ruling GERB party seems to have done well at these elections too, retaining Sofia easily.

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