Cameroon – New PM

President Paul Biya of Cameroon has changed his prime minister and reshuffled the ministerial pack.

The outgoing prime minister, Ephraïm Inoni, was appointed in December 2004. The new PM is Philémon Yang, a former judge and diplomat. According to Wikipedia, he was previously the Assistant Secretary General to President Biya and was a minister from 1975-84.

Jeune Afrique also has a report on the various changes to the president’s staff as well. Colleagues might be interested to know that Luc Sindjoun has been appointed as special adviser to the president. He is Professor of Political Science and the Head of the Political Science Department at University of Yaoundé. He is a well-known political scientist who has been active in IPSA. I knew him in 1989-90 while I was studying in Paris.

Professor Sindjoun is associated with a journal, Revue Camerounaise de Science Politique – POLIS, which is freely available here. He also has a paper (in French) on the presidency in Cameroon available here.

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