Chad – Presidential election

In Chad the presidential election was held on 25 April. The Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI) has now made the result available here. This is the result.

Idriss Déby, 2,504,069 votes, 88.66%
Pahimi Padaket Albert, 170,188 votes, 6.03%
Me Nadji Madou de l’Alliance, 150,226 votes, 5.32%

So, President Idriss Déby has been re-elected. This is hardly a surprise because the main opposition parties boycotted the election, following what they claim were unfair legislative elections in February. Interestingly, the turnout rate is reported at 64.22%, which I would consider to be quite low. In the CENI report, it is also clear that the boycott was followed more assiduously in some areas than others. So, the participation rate was as low as 39-40% in a small number of districts and was just over 50% in a couple of districts.


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