Cohabitation – Niger

This is a series of posts that records the cases of cohabitation in countries with semi-presidential constitutions. Cohabitation is defined as the situation where the president and prime minister are from different parties and where the president’s party is not represented in the cabinet. Presidents classed as non-party cannot generate any periods of cohabitation.

Here is my list of cohabitations in Niger:

Feb 1995 – Jan 1996
President – Mahamane Ousmane (CDS); PM – Hama Amadou (MNSD): Government – MNSD, PNDS

Source of party affiliations:

Party abbreviations:
CDS – Convention Démocratique et Sociale (Democratic and Social Convention)
MNSD – Mouvement National de la Société de Développement (National Movment for the Development of Society)
PNDS – Parti Nigerien pour la Democratie et le Socialisme-Tarayya (Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism)

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