Czech Republic – Semi-presidentialism one step closer

The government of the Czech Republic has approved a bill to introduce the direct election of the president. If passed, this would introduce semi-presidentialism. The report is in České Noviny and many thanks to people at the excellent parlgov site for the tip-off.

According to the report, some basic issues have yet to be agreed, including the president’s powers and the term of office.

The current constitution of the Czech Republic is available here. Art 39 (4) states: The concurrence of three-fifths of all Deputies and three-fifths of all Senators present is required for the adoption of a constitutional act.

The government is a three-party coalition that does not quite have a three-fifths majority in the Chamber of Deputies and is far from such a majority in the Senate. This seems to mean that the support of the opposition Czech Social Democratic Party will be required. I have no sense as to whether such support will be forthcoming.

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