Gabon – Election results changed, winner confirmed

The result of the presidential election in Gabon last September continues to be contested. At the election, these were the original results for the top three candidates:

Ali Bongo Ondimba 41.73%
André Mba Obame 25.88%
Pierre Mamboundou 25.22%

Following the announcement of the results, there was some unrest, notably outside the capital in Port-Gentil. Also, the unsuccessful candidates united in condemnation of the result, with André Mba Obame being particularly vocal, saying that the result did not reflect the wishes of the people of Gabon.

Last week, the Constitutional Court examined a number of legal challenges to the result. This involved examining the votes cast, as well as hearing testimony from the different parties involved.

Anyway, on Tuesday the Constitutional Court issued its final verdict. (See a report at Gaboneco here). Here is the new result:

Ali Bongo Ondimba 41.79%
Pierre Mamboundou 25.64%
André Mba Obame 25.33%

So, the net result sees André Mba Obame move into third place. It almost goes without saying that that Court has been criticised for being too close to the incumbent regime. (Recall that Ali Bongo Ondimba is the son of Omar Bongo who ruled Gabon from 1967 until his death earlier this year).

Ali Bongo Ondimba is due to be officially sworn is as president on 16 October. Jeune Afrique reports that there was some military presence in André Mba Obame’s native town and that he has begun a hunger strike.

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