Gabon – Legislative election

The legislative election in Gabon was held on 17 December. The Constitutional Council has now officialised the results. From Infos Plus Gabon, here they are:

Le Parti démocratique gabonais (PDG) – 108 seats
Le Rassemblement pour le Gabon (RPG – part of presidential majority) – 3 seats
Le Centre des libéraux réformateurs (CLR – part of presidential majority) – 1 seat
Le Parti social-démocrate (PSD) – 1 seat
l’Union pour la nouvelle république (UPNR) – 1 seat

So, the opposition has two seats in the legislature.

The results in a small number of seats have been invalidated and the elections will be re-run there.

The turnout was less than 35%.

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