Gabon – Presidential election

After a delay of a few days, the Electoral Commission in Gabon has announced that Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba has won the presidential election. He is the son of the long-standing leader, Omar Bongo Ondimba, who died in June.

Jeune Afrique reports the following result:

Ali Bongo Ondimba 41.73%
André Mba Obame 25.88%
Pierre Mamboundou 25.22%
Zacharie Myboto 3.94%
There were 18 candidates in total. The rest polled poorly.

In 2003 the Constitution was changed so that the election would be held under a single-ballot simple plurality system

The African Union did take note of various irregularities during the election itself and there were major concerns over the electoral register. However, in general, the election seemed to have been conducted better than might have been anticipated some months ago.

There have been some incidents following the announcement of the results. In particular, the French consulate was burned in a town outside the capital where the opposition is strong. However, there has not been wholesale protest so far.

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