Guinea – 1990 constitution and subsequent amendments

One of the first postings on the blog was plea for more information about Guinea’s constitution. According to, Guinea has had a prime minister since 1996. However, the 1990 constitution made no mention of such a post.

In his blog, Constitution en Afrique, Stéphane Bolle has provided links not only to the 1990 constitution, which is available in other places as well, but also (though in French) to amendments that were passed in 1996 and 2001/2002. These confirm that, even though there is a prime minister in Guinea, this is still not a constitutional post. The 1996 reform related to National Assembly’s sessions. The 2001/2002 reforms ensured there were no presidential term limits. However, no mention was made in either of a prime minister and there was no indication that any such post is responsible to the legislature. So, Guinea remains a presidential system.

For the record, Guinea is currently in the middle of an army mutiny. The previous prime minister was sacked by the president at the end of May and a new prime minister has taken office.

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