Guinea-Bissau – A very strange coup indeed

In Guinea-Bissau the coup seems to have run its course. The prime minister, Carlos Gomes Júnior, is free and is reported as declaring the matter as merely an “incident”. The leader of the coup, António Indjai, is also reported as saying that the incident is now over. For his part, the president, Malam Bacai Sanhá, is preparing to leave for Luanda and, according to the report in Notícias Lusófonas, is seemingly unworried about what happened last week. It is slightly unclear what has happened to the (former?) head of the armed forces, José Zamora Induta, who, in the end, may end up being the main victim of the events.

To the best of my knowledge, there was never any suspension of the Constitution. Moreover, the president was always in office (seemingly he was close to Indjai) and the PM is now apparently back at work. So, there seems to have been no change at any point in Guinea-Bissau’s semi-presidential status. Obviously, though, the underlying situation remains unstable.

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