Haiti – Constitutional Commission

In Haiti President René Préval has established a Constitutional Commission to make recommendations for change. This decision was announced on 19 February (apologies for only just picking up on it now). In his speech announcing the Commission, President Préval is reported as saying that the 1987 Constitution was a “permanent source of instability”.

The head of the Commission is Claude Moïse. He is the author of a 1999 book called Le pouvoir législatif dans le système politique haïtien. He is a historian and a constitutionalist. He has also published a number of articles about constitutional reforms that are needed in Haiti. Here is a link to one from 2002. In this article, he argues that parliament is too strong, the president too weak and the process of appointing a PM too cumbersome (hear hear to the last point anyway).

The Commission has 17 members and had four months to report.

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