Ireland – Presidential election

In Ireland the presidential election was held on 27 October. At the same time, there were two referendums as well as a by-election for the legislature.

The presidential election was won by Michael D. Higgins (a former Politics Lecturer at the University of Galway). Here is the result of the presidential election:

Michael D. Higgins (Labour Party), 39.6%
Seán Gallagher (Independent), 28.5%
Martin McGuinness (Sinn Féin), 13.7%
Gay Mitchell (Fine Gael), 6.4%
David Norris (Independent), 6.2%
Mary Davis (Independent), 2.9%
Dana Rosemary Scallon (Independent), 2.7%

Turnout 56.1%

Ireland has an STV system of PR. So, it took four counts for Higgins to be elected. However, he was so far ahead at the first count that the other candidates conceded defeat after the result of the first count was clear.

To top a good day for the Labour Party, they also won the Dublin West by-election. This was a gain from the Fianna Fáil party.

One referendum passed and the other failed.

There was a referendum to allow judges’ pay to be reduced. (A sign of the depressed economic times in Ireland). This was passed by 83.5% to 16.5%. The second referendum would have given the legislature more powers in public inquiries. This was defeated by 53.3% to 46.7%.

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