Kazakhstan – Parliamentary election

The election to the Mazhilis (legislature) in Kazakhstan took place on Sunday. The Central Election Commission is reporting the following preliminary result.

People’s Democratic Party “Nur Otan” – 80.74 % of votes;
Democratic Party of Kazakhstan “AK ZHOL” – 7.46 %;
Communist Peoples’ Party of Kazakhstan – 7.2%;
All-National Social Democratic Party – 1.59%;
Kazakhstani Social-Democratic Party “Aul” – 1.46%;
Party of Patriots of Kazakhstan – 0.89 %;
Democratic Party “Adilet” – 0.66 %

As I understand it (the text is here), there is a 7% threshold with a guarantee that the party coming second would still gain representation even if it did not cross the threshold. Anyway, as things stand, three parties will be represented in the legislature.

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