Kosovo – Semi-presidentialism moves closer

There is a report in SETimes that a parliamentary commission in Kosovo has approved a proposal to introduce the direct election of the president and to increase presidential powers. The report seems to make it clear that the PM will still responsible to the legislature. So, the reform would appear to create the conditions for semi-presidentialism.

According to the report, the proposal has to be approved by the constitutional council and by parliament. However, it seems to be the case that the proposal is likely to be approved, not least because the current president is being seen as an interim appointment with a view to a direct presidential election next year.

The increase in powers relates to the proposal for the president to head the Kosovo Security Council (KSC), which seems to be a fairly important institution especially given the potential for instability in the region. In addition, the president would have the right to appoint judges, prosecutors, the ombudsperson and ambassadors. However, proposals to allow the president appoint the head of Kosovo’s intelligence agency and the governor of the central bank were rejected.

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