Lithuania – Government survives for the moment

The coalition crisis in Lithuania has, for the moment, been relieved. The main line of division was between PM Andrius Kubilius of the HU/LCD and the coalition LCU party. The PM had demanded the resignation of LCU’s Minister of the Interior, Raimundas Palaitis. The Minister had refused to resign.

For the time being, the crisis has been resolved. Lithuania Tribune reports that Minister Palaitis resigned on 19 March. Apparently, the decision came after a meeting between President Grybauskaite, the PM, the chair of the LCU, and Minister Palaitis. Therefore, the president’s intervention seems to have been decisive.

However, there is still the threat of an early election. On 10 April, parliament will decide whether or not early elections should be held. They are scheduled for October, but the instability may still provoke an early election.

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