Madagascar – Opposition joins the government

A brief update on happenings in Madagascar.

As posted previously, a new government has been formed. The government was to include members of all of the factions that were party to the all-inclusive transition deal that was brokered by the SADC.

However, initially, the choice of the new Prime Minister was contested. This meant that ministers from the movements of two former presidents, Marc Ravalomanana and Albert Zafy, refused to take their seats in the government. Now, though, L’Express de Madagascar is reporting that they have changed their minds and that they have taken their ministerial seats. This bodes well for the transition process generally.

Also, former president Didier Ratsiraka, another of the main figures in the transition process, has returned to Madagascar from exile in France. Again, this is another sign that the transition process is moving on. The big question now is whether former president Marc Ravalomanana will be allowed to return. In effect, this is a precondition for a successful transition. Certainly, things seem to be looking more positive now than for a considerable time.

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