Madagascar – Transition timetable back on track?

In Madagascar there is a new timetable for the transition to democracy.

On Friday, an agreement between various political forces was signed. This established a timetable for the transition. These are the key dates according to Midi Madigasikara:

30 August-3 September 2010 – National Conference
17 November 2010 – Constitutional referendum
16 March 2011 – Legislative elections
4 May 2011 – Presidential election

In contrast to previous agreements, this one was arranged locally. However, even though over 80 groups are said to have signed up to the agreement, it is unclear whether the three main groups that oppose Andry Rajoelina, who took power in the coup last year, are fully committed to the deal. That said, there are reports that former President Marc Ravalomanana’s TIM party is split and that those who oppose the former president opponents are more willing to negotiate a deal than Ravalomanana himself.

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