Mongolia – Agreement on new government

The general election in Mongolia took place on 28 June. InfoMongolia is reporting that the following deputies took the parliamentary oath at the first session of the State Great Khural:

  • Democratic Party – 31 seats
  • Mongolian People’s Party – 25 seats
  • Justice Coalition – 8 seats
  • Independents – 3 seats
  • Civil Will/Green Party – 2 seats

Seven seats have still to be decided.

The negotiations to form a government seem to have reached agreement. There will be a coalition between the Democratic Party, the Justice Coalition and the Civil Will/Green Party. It is also possible that one of more of the Independent deputies may join the coalition.

InfoMongolia is reporting that the Democratic Party and the Civil Will/Green Party will have 75% of the ministries and the Justice Coalition will have 25%.

The president is also from the Democratic Party. So, there is no chance of cohabitation. There is a very nice article on the Democratic Party and its various factions at Mongolia Today.

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