Mongolia – Legislative election

The parliamentary election was held in Mongolia on Friday 28 June.

UB Post provides details of the electoral system. There are 76 seats to be won in the State Great Khural (parliament). Of these, 48 are elected by a simple majority system in 26 electoral districts. The remaining 28 are elected by a party list proportional system. There is a threshold of 5%.

There seems to have been some dispute over the counting of votes. This time electronic counting was introduced to try to avoid the claims of fraud in previous elections. However, it seems as if there has been a manual count this time too because of claims of irregularities. Anyway, the exact result remains unclear, but these are the figures from Info Mongolia.

  • Democratic Party – 35.32%
  • Mongolian People’s Party – 31.31%
  • Justice Coalition – 22.31%
  • Civil Will Green Part – 5.51%
  • Third Party Coalition – 1.47%
  • Green Party – 1.33%
  • Motherland Party – 0.8%
  • Mongolian Traditional United Party – 0.58%
  • Civil Movement Party – 0.56%
  • United Party of Patriots – 0.3%
  • Mongolian Social Democratic Party – 0.18%
  • Development Program Party – 0.18%
  • Freedom Implementing Party – 0.15%

It seems as if two of the majority seats were not filled and will have to be held again. Anyway, leaving those two seats aside, the party breakdown in parliament seems to be the following:

  • Democratic Party – 31 seats
  • Mongolian People’s Party – 27 seats
  • Justice Coalition (Mongolian Revolutionary People’s Party, Mongolian National Democratic Party, and others) – 11 seats
  • Independents – 3 seats
  • Civil Will Green Party – 2 seats

Parliament met for the first time on 6 July. A majority comprises 39 seats. There is no government yet, but there is some talk of a coalition between the Democratic Party and the Justice Coalition. The president is from the Democratic Party, so there is little likelihood of cohabitation.

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