Mongolia – New PM

Prime Minister Sanj Bayar of the MPRP (Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party – Mongol Ardyn Khuvisgalt Nam / MAKN) has tendered his resignation, citing health reasons. He was appointed in November 2007.

The new PM is Batbold Sukhbaatar. Previously, he was the Foreign Minister. Mongolia Online reports that from “1992 and 2000, Batbold headed the trading company Altai Trading Co. Ltd., which formed a gold mining joint venture with Canadian Centerra Gold Inc.”. Mining is perhaps the biggest political issue in Mongolia and Sukhbaatar’s appointment can be seen as a mining-friendly one. He is on the left in the picture. President Elbegdorj is in the centre.

Separately, Asian Gypsy reports that on 18 October the MAKN (or MPRP) won a by election. The candidate was the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and he won 60% of the vote. This is another confirmation of the importance of mining in Mongolia.

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