Montenegro – Government survives no-confidence vote

In Montenegro the government has survived a vote of no-confidence.

The government, which was elected in March 2009, is a four-party coalition comprising the Democratic Party of Socialists (35 seats in parliament), the Social Democratic Party (9 seats), the Croatian Civic Initiative (1 seat) and the democratic union of Albanians (1 seat). So, by my calculations it has the support of 46 seats in the 81-seat parliament.

According to Balkan Insight, the opposition party, led by the Movement for Changes (6 seats) and supported by the Socialist People’s Party (16 seats) and the New Serb Democracy (8 seats), tabled a motion of no-confidence citing the “unsatisfactory security situation in Montenegro and the inefficiency of state institutions in the fight against organised crime”.

Anyway, the government’s majority was stable, winning 47 votes in the debate.

I have not been able to find any academic journal report on the 2009 Montenegro election, but there is, obviously, a Wikipedia site as well as a brief report from the Fondation Robert Schuman.

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