Montenegro – Legislative election

Pre-term parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on Sunday.

The outgoing government was fighting the election under the banner of the Coalition for a European Montenegro and comprised the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro and the Liberal Party of Montenegro. In addition, the Bosniak Party and the Democratic Union of Albanians had seats in the cabinet.

B92 is reporting the following result:

  • Coalition for a European Montenegro, 45.6% (39 seats)
  • Democratic Front, 23.8% (20 seats)
  • Socialist People’s Party, 10.6% (9 seats)
  • Positive Montenegro, 8.9% (7 seats)

According to Balkan Insight, the Bosniak party will win three seats, and the Croatian list, and two Albanian lists will take the final three seats.

So, the outgoing government is two seats short of an overall majority. It will most likely renew a coalition with one or more of the ethnic lists.

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