Mozambique – Change of PM

I was checking and I discovered that I had missed a change of prime minister. The change dates back to January 2010. So, this is a very belated post.

Anyway, just after being sworn in for his second term, President Armando Guebuza changed his government and appointed a new prime minister. The previous incumbent, Luisa Diogo, had been in office since February 2004. She was not given a position in the new government.

The new(ish) prime minister is Aires Ali. Previously, he was Minister of Education and Culture. The government is listed here with a brief report.

PM Ali represents FRELIMO, which is the president’s party and which won an overwhelming victory at last year’s legislative election. The circumstances surrounding the election provoked Freedom House to withdraw the status of an electoral democracy from Mozambique. Partly in response to the problems surrounding last year’s election, a new electoral law is being drafted that will, hopefully, rectify some of those problems in the future. There is a report here.

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