Mozambique – Presidential and legislative elections

On 28 October Mozambique held concurrent presidential, legislative and provincial elections. The results were only announced by the National Election Commission last Wednesday. The Mozambique New Agency has reported the following:

Presidential election

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo), 2,974,627 votes, 75.00 per cent
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo), 650,679 votes, 16.41 per cent
Daviz Simango (MDM), 340,579 votes, 8.59 per cent

So, the incumbent president, Armando Guebuza, was overwhelmingly re-elected. Frelimo have ruled the country since the end of the civil war and the process of democratisation. For what it is worth, therefore, Mozambique has not yet passed the ‘two turnover’ test, or even a ‘one turnover’ test!

In the legislative election, the result was similar:

Frelimo, 2,907,335 votes, 74.66 per cent, 191 seats
Renamo, 688,782 votes, 17.68 per cent, 51 seats
MDM, 152,836 votes, 3.93 per cent, 8 seats

The Mozambique Democratic Movement is a break-away movement from Renamo and was formed earlier this year. It was not allowed to contest a number of the constituencies. So, this probably accounts for why its legislative vote was lower than its presidential vote.

In terms of the previous results, Frelimo gained considerably, increasing from 160 seats in 2004 and Renamo has gone down from 90.

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