New publications

Zwelethu Jolobe, ‘Stronger Parliaments? Stronger Democracies? Trends in Africa’, Do Parliaments Matter? The Challenges Of Change African Legislatures And The Advance Of Democracy, available at:

Paul Chaisty, Nic Cheeseman & Timothy Power, ‘Rethinking the ‘presidentialism debate’: conceptualizing coalitional politics in cross-regional perspective’, Democratization, iFirst

Artur Olechno, ‘The Constitutional Aspects Of Countersignature In Central And Eastern European Countries’, available at:

Rubén Ruiz-Rufino, ‘Satisfaction with Democracy in Multi-ethnic Countries: The Effect of Representative Political Institutions on Ethnic Minorities’, Political Studies, Early View (Online Version of Record published before inclusion in an issue)

Ismail Aydıngun and Aysegul Aydıngun, Nation-State Building in Kyrgyzstan and Transition to the Parliamentary System, Parliamentary Affairs Advance Access published August 6, 2012

Taras Kuzio, ‘Ukraine at 20: The constancy of ten illogical inconsistencies’, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Available online 24 August 2012.

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