Niger – New draft constitution

In Niger, the process of drafting the new constitution is proceeding apace. There are lots of details in French on the Constitution en Afrique site.

The first draft (see previous post) was prepared by the Comité des Textes Fondamentaux (Committee for the Basic Laws). The most recent version was drawn up by the Conseil consultatif national (National Consultative Committee – CCN). The new draft is available at the Constitution en Afrique site.

The new draft is still semi-presidential. However, there are changes regarding, for example, the president’s term (two five-year terms maximum), more leeway for the president to propose referenda and, interestingly, the deletion of any mention of presidential emergency powers.

The website of the CCN reports that the draft has now been presented to the prime minister of the transition authority. Changes may still be made. The referendum on the final draft is still set for 31 October.

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