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I am not sure whether this post is the beginning of a new series. However, it struck me that just as there was some benefit in identifying new semi-presidential-related publications, there might also be some benefit in identifying older publications. I am thinking of ones that might be slightly more obscure than standard works. Feel free to let me know if this is a good idea.

To begin, I thought that I would identify the following book:

Naunihal Singh, A System of Governance: Parliamentary or Presidential, Anmol Publications, Delhi, 1998, ISBN 978-8174889478.

This is a book with an Indian focus. It argues that India should adopt a new form of government. In so doing, it rehearses arguments for and against presidentialism.

The final section is devoted to semi-presidentialism. There is a chapter that repeats de Gaulle’s Bayeux Manifesto. There is also a chapter on semi-presidentialism generally, largely repeating the ideas of Maurice Duverger from his 1980 EJPR article. There is a chapter on politics in France. There is also a concluding chapter in which the author appears to make a case for the introduction of semi-presidentialism in India.

The author does not break very much new ground. However, it is interesting to see semi-presidentialism discussed in the context of India. It is also useful to be able to cite someone who thinks that semi-presidentialism is a good model to follow.

Much of the book is available at Google Books here. It can also be ordered from Amazon here.

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