Republika Srpska – New PM

The October 2010 presidential and legislative elections in the Republika Srpska have led to a change of PM.

The previous PM, Milorad Dodik from the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, was elected president at the election. In February 2011, he was replaced by Aleksandar Džombić from the same party.

The party breakdown in the legislature is here:

So, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats does not have an overall majority. I do not have the composition of the cabinet.

The most recent controversy in the Republika Srpska has concerned the proposal to hold a de facto independence referendum. There was a threat that the High Representative in Bosnia would have annulled the referendum anyway. However, a positive vote would have put pressure on the Dayton Accords that currently govern Bosnia and its constituent parts. Anyway, President Dodik has now in effect cancelled the proposed referendum, saying that it is “not necessary”, Balkan Insight reports.

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