Russia – Regional elections

Regional and local elections were held in Russia at the weekend.

There were elections in 12 regions as well as a number of local-level elections. I only have information for the regional level.

Moscow News is reporting the following seat distribution across all 12 regions:

United Russia 375 seats
The Communist Party 71 seats
A Just Russia 46 seats
Liberal Democratic Party of Russia 33 seats
Patriots of Russia 10 seats
Independents 11 seats

Moscow News also has a nice graphic summarizing the preliminary results of the votes in the different regions.

Hopefully, you can make out that, unsurprisingly, United Russia was the largest party everywhere. However, there is at least some commentary to suggest that the results were disappointing in some areas and, of course, there is the plausible claim that even then the elections were not free or fair.

There is a pre-election report by the Carnegie Russia Center on what was at stake here.

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