Serbia – Government reshuffle

There has been a major government reshuffle in Serbia. The prime minister, Mirko Cvetković, remains in place but he has taken the position of Finance Minister as well.

The coalition remains unchanged, but there has been a major reduction in the number of ministers from 24 to 17. The names of the government ministers are available here.

B92 reports that parliament approved the government on 15 March by 129 to 19 and no abstentions with only the Democratic Party of Serbia officially opposing the government. However, many of the 250 deputies stayed away.

There have been large anti-government protests in the last few weeks, mainly in relation to the country’s poor economic situation. In February deputy prime minister, minister of economy and leader of the ruling coalition G17 Plus party, Mladjan Dinkić, was sacked by PM Cvetković for the party’s criticism of the prime minister’s handling of the economic situation.

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