Serbia – Local elections

In Serbia partial local elections were held on 7 June. has a good report and outlines the background.

Basically, last July’s legislative election changed the government from a coalition of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS-NS) and the Democratic Party (DS) to a coalition of the DS and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). A report on the 2008 legislative election is available in Electoral Studies, vol. 28, 2009, pp. 141-145.

Local elections had been held generally in May 2008. There is an overview here. In two Belgrade municipalities, Voždovac and Zemun, and the town of Kosjerić, the local elections returned an SRS/SPS majority. When the coalition changed at the national level the SPS changed sides and voted down the administration in the municipalities. This necessitated new elections.

The post has the full results. The basic point is that the For a European Voždovac (ZES) coalition, which is supported by the pro-EU President Boris Tadić and which is dominated by the DS lost votes compared with the 2008 legislative election (maybe this is not the best comparison, but this is the only one provided). The SPS (with their PUPs-JS allies in their coalition) did relatively well in terms of their national-level vote in 2008, but again the comparison may not be appropriate. Certainly, Balkan Insight reports that the result may destabilise the ruling coalition.

The analysis from seems to be that there is a growing bipolarisation around, on the one hand, the DS, on the moderate left, with more left-wing allies in the SPS and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and, on the other hand, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which was seen to have done quite well in the elections, with the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS). The SRS did very badly at the local elections.

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