Serbia – Presidential and legislative elections

In Serbia, concurrent presidential and legislative elections were held on Sunday.

Here are the results of the presidential election based on nearly all votes counted and as reported in B92:

Boris Tadić (Democratic Party, DS) – 25.33%
Tomislav Nikolić (Serbian Progressive Party, SNS) – 24.99%
Ivica Dačić (Socialist Party of Serbia, SPS) – 14.24%

I do not have the figures for the other candidates. However, the second round run-off will feature the incumbent president, Boris Tadić, and Tomislav Nikolić.

As for the parliamentary elections, these are the figures from CeSID:

SNS-led coalition – 73 seats
The DS-led coalition – 68 seats
SPS-led coalition – 45 seats
Democratic Party of Serbia – 20 seats
Liberal Democratic Party – 20 seats
United Regions of Serbia – 16 seats
Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians – 5 seats
Others – 3 seats

So, the two questions are: who will win the presidential run-off and who will form the coalition in parliament?

The two questions are clearly linked. The Socialist Party (SPS) is the kingmaker. The suggestion is that Tadić will gain the support of the SPS and that the government will be a coalition between the DS, SPS, the United Regions of Serbia party, and the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians. While this would produce a parliamentary majority, whether it will be enough to secure the victory of Tadić in the presidential election is another matter.

The second round of the presidential election will take place on 20 May.

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