Slovakia – Poll suggests Smer may win a single-party majority

The Slovak Spectator is reporting the results of a recent poll suggesting that the opposition Smer party is way ahead in the opinion polls and may even have enough support to win an overall majority.

Here are the figures:

Smer – 45.2 percent
Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) – 11.3 percent
Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) – 9.9 percent
Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) – 7.5 percent
Most-Híd – 7 percent
Slovak National Party (SNS) – 5.4 percent

There is a 5 per cent threshold.

The poll suggests that Smer would win 79 of 150 seats in the legislature.

The poll is interesting because, as Pozorblog reports, this is the first one that gives Smer an overall majority even when all of the other small parties cross the 5 per cent threshold.

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