Slovakia – Presidential vetoes

The Slovak Spectator is reporting that on 21 December President Gašparovič of Slovakia vetoed two government laws. They were the law on the salaries of public officials and the law on social services.

Apparently, President Gašparovič objected to the fact that the law on the salaries of public officials included a clause allowing deputies to be eligible for their salary from the time they are elected rather than from they are sworn in. In relation to the law on social services he objected to the retroactive nature of the legislation.

Even though the Slovak government has fallen and is now only an interim government, there is still a period of de facto cohabitation. As explained in a previous post, the president’s party situation makes it difficult to decide whether or not Slovakia is formally experiencing a period of cohabitation. However, President Gašparovič is definitely more associated with the opposition Smer party and its allies than with the incumbent government. So, given a form of de facto cohabitation, we would expect there to be presidential vetoes. If, as expected, Smer win the upcoming legislative election, it will be interesting to see whether the number of vetoes declines. I calculate that there were six vetoes in 2011.

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