Slovenia – Parliamentary election

Legislative elections were held in Slovenia yesterday following the fall of Borut Pahor’s Social Democrat-led government in September.

The Slovenian Electoral Commission is reporting the following result:

Positive Slovenia (Lista Zorana Jankovića – Pozitivna Slovenija, PS) – 28.53%, 28 seats (+28 seats)
Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka, SDS) – 26.26%, 26 seats (-2 seats)
Social Democrats (Socialni demokrati, SD) – 10.48%, 10 seats (-19 seats)
Gregor Virant’s Civic List (Državljanska lista Gregorja Viranta) – 8.42%, 8 seats (+8 seats)
Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS) – 6.97%, 6 seats (- 1 seat)
Slovenian People’s Party (Slovenska ljudska stranka, SLS) – 6.9%, 6 seats (+ 1 seat)
New Slovenia (Nova Slovenija, NSi), 4.8%, 4 seats (+4 seats)
Others (Italian and Hungarian minorities) – 2 seats

So, two new parties have emerged, both of which were formed after the election was called. By contrast, two old parties, Zares and SNS, no longer have representation.

I don’t know much about the new parties, except that the PS is a vehicle for the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković. He ran as an independent in 2000 when he was first elected there. As for Gregor Virant’s Civic List, they may have taken votes from the Slovenian Democratic Party.

A majority government needs the support of at least 46 deputies.

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