South Ossetia – Re-run of presidential election

In December Alla Dzhioyeva claimed that she had been elected as president in South Ossetia. However, Anatoly Bibilov was proclaimed the winner. A deal was struck whereby the election would be re-run and Dzhioyeva would be allowed to stand again. This did not happen. In January she withdrew from the election. In February, the security services raided her office to take her into custody. She had to be hospitalized as a result.

In the end, the election was re-run at the weekend. Wikipedia has the results from the Election Commission website. Here are the figures:

Leonid Tibilov – 42.48%
David Sanakoyev – 24.58%
Dmitriy Medoyev – 23.79%
Stanislav Kochiev – 5.26%

So, there will be a second-round run-off between the top two candidates.

Georgia refuses to accept the legitimacy of the election.

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