SP resources – Freedom House 2011 Report

The Freedom House 2011 Report has just been issued, giving scores for Free, Partly Free and Not Free countries as well as a list of Electoral Democracies for the period 1 January-31 December 2010.

Two countries declined from the status of Partly Free to Not Free, but neither was semi-presidential. Two countries also declined from the status of Free to Partly Free, one of which was Ukraine. Conversely, two countries improved from the status of Not Free to Partly Free, including Kyrgyzstan.

Within these three categories, there were also some improvements and disimprovements, even if there was no change in overall status. In terms of semi-presidential countries, Georgia and Tanzania both improved their scores, remaining Partly Free. By contrast, Sri Lanka’s score worsened, but remained Partly Free.

In terms of electoral democracies, semi-presidential democracies did very badly. Four countries lost this status, three of which, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti and Sri Lanka, were semi-presidential. By contrast, three countries gained this status, including Tanzania.

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