Sri Lanka – New prime minister

Following the parliamentary elections in Sri Lanka last month, a new prime minister has been appointed by President Rajapaksa.

The new prime minister is D. M. Jayaratne. He is a member of President Rajapaksa’s Sri Lanka Freedom Party, which won a large majority at last month’s elections. The members of the new cabinet are named here. Originally, there were 37 full ministers and 39 deputy ministers. In recent days a number of new ministers have also been appointed. The previous cabinet comprised 51 Ministers, 39 non-cabinet Ministers and 19 Deputy Ministers. In the new cabinet, President Rajapaksa himself holds the defence, finance, ports and highways portfolios.

In a separate development, there is a report in Colombo Times that a constitutional amendment will be introduced very soon that will allow the president to serve for three terms. President Rajapaksa was recently re-elected to his second term.

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