Sri Lanka – Parliamentary election, final results

Reballotting in the Kandy and Trincomalee Districts has taken place. So, the official results of the Sri Lanka parliamentary election have been announced.

Democratic National Alliance: 5.5% (5 constituency seats plus 2 national seats: Total 7 seats)
Lanka Tamil State Party: 2.9% (13 constituency seats plus 1 national seat: Total 14 seats)
United National Party: 29.3% (51 constituency seats plus 9 national seats: Total 60 seats)
United People’s Freedom Alliance: 60.3% (127 constituency seats plus 17 national seats: Total 144 seats)

As reported in the previous post, it takes a two-thirds majority (or 151 seats) to change the constitution. The UPFA does not have this support by itself, but it likely that ‘refugees’ from other parties could be induced to vote for any constitutional reforms that are proposed.

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