Sri Lanka – Parliamentary election, provisional results

The parliamentary election was held in Sri Lanka on 8 April. The final results are not yet available. This is because there were irregularities in the voting in Kandy District and Trincomalee District. There will be re-elections in these areas very soon. In addition, this means that the 29 national seats, allocated on a PR basis, cannot be finally allocated. So, the results are only provisional.

However, what is clear is that, unsurprisingly, the incumbent United People’s Freedom Alliance party (UPFA), the party of the recently re-elected president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, has won a landslide victory.

Adam Carr, via the Sri Lanka Elections website, is reporting the following results (comparative figures relative to the 2004 legislative election):

Democratic National Alliance, 5.5%, + 5.5%, 5 seats, +5
Lanka Tamil State Party (ITAK), 2.7%, -4.1%, 12 seats, -8
United National Party (Eksath Jathika Pakshaya EJP), 29.4%, -8.4%, 46 seats, -25
United People’s Freedom Alliance, 60.5%, +14.9%, 117 seats, +25
Others, 1.9%, -3 seats

There are 16 unallocated seats because of the irregularities and 29 unallocated national seats.

To change the constitution, a two-thirds majority (or 151 seats) is needed. Adam Carr’s prediction is that the UPFA will not achieve such a majority.

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