Taiwan – Electoral Commission decides concurrent elections

Taipei Times via Ballots and Bullets is reporting the decision of the Taiwanese Electoral Commission to schedule legislative and presidential elections concurrently.

Previously, the terms of office were different, so the presidential election was held at various times during the legislature’s electoral cycle (and vice versa!). The length of each institution’s term was then harmonised. However, the legislative election took place a few months prior to the presidential election. So, the last legislative election was held on 12 January 2008, whereas the last presidential election was held on 22 March 2008.

Now, the elections will be held concurrently. Moreover, it is likely that they will be held on the date of the next legislative election in early 2012, creating a four-month gap between the presidential election and the presidential inauguration.

The other semi-presidential democracies with scheduled concurrent elections are Mozambique, Namibia and Peru. The last concurrent elections in Romania were in 2004.

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