Taiwan – Presidential and legislative elections

Taiwan held presidential and legislative elections on Saturday.

There were three candidates at the presidential election, which is a one-ballot contest. Here is the result:

Ma Ying-jeou (Kuomintang), 51.6%
Tsai Ing-wen (Democratic Progressive Party), 45.63%
James Soong Chu-yu (People First Party), 2.77%

So, President Ma has been re-elected.

The legislative election went as follows:

The so-called Pan-Blue coalition won 67 seats
Kuomintang – 44.55% (64 seats, -17)
People First Party – 5.49% (3 seats, +2)
New Party – 1.49% (0 seats, unchanged)

The so-called Pan-Green coalition won 43 seats
Democratic Progressive Party – 34.62% (40 seats, +13)
Taiwan Solidarity Union – 8.96% (3 seats, +3)

Others won 3 seats
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (2 seats, -1)
Independents (1 seat, unchanged)

So, President Ma will have a comfortable majority in the legislature.

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