Timor-Leste – New government to be formed

The process of government formation in Timor-Leste seems to be coming to an end.

Nearly three weeks after the parliamentary election, a usually reliable Timor news blog is reporting that the new government will be a three-party coalition. It will comprise the largest party in the 65-seat parliament, the CNRT, which supported the election of President Taur Matan Ruak and which has 30 seats, the Democratic Party, which has 8 seats and Frenti-Mudança, which has two seats. This will leave FRETILIN as the only opposition group in parliament.

In this event, the incumbent prime minister (and former president), Xanana Gusmão, will be returned as prime minister.

There had been talk of a government of national unity including FRETILIN. When this option seemed to be dismissed there was violence in the capital, Dili.

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