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Maurice Duverger

Maurice Duverger – Television footage

Maurice Duverger was born in 1917. He is still alive, but I have been told that he is too unwell to make public appearances. Anyway, if you do not know what he looks like or have never heard him talk (in French anyway), here is some old television footage where he appears.

On the website, I found three free-to-view clips of Duverger.

The first is an excerpt from a December 1965 programme about the first direct presidential election in France after the 1962 constitutional reform. Following the introduction, the first person who talks is Prof. René Capitant, himself a well-known French constitutional lawyer. Prof. Duverger intervenes at 2 mins. 07 secs.

The second clip is a news report from October 1987. The item is about the National Front’s campaign against absenteeism by deputies in the French National Assembly. There are comments from Prof. Duverger at 1 min. 55 secs.

There is a third clip of Duverger on the website. It shows him in a car during demonstrations in Paris in May 1966. He has been invited to comment on events. The whole clip it is not fully available. However, there is some footage of Duverger at 1 min. 20 secs. If you are interested, the full report can be obtained here.