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  1. David

    Hello Mr. Elgie,

    First, I would like to thank you for all your work on the semi-presidential system. I would also like to ask you a question concerning the essay I’m writing for my politics class which subject is the semi-presidential system.
    First, I compared the system to the presidential and parliamentary regimes. Then, I talked about its efficiency. And eventually I explained how ‘popular’ it is over the world (quoting the example of the French, Russian, and Portuguese semi-presidential regimes). However, I wonder why the type of political system is so present in Africa or even in South America. Is it because of some ex-colonialist european countries? Is it because it is adapted to the different cultures or ideals in this continent? Or is it for another reason?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    David Supersac

  2. Robert Elgie

    There is a strong French and Portuguese effect in Africa. French and Portuguese constitutional lawyers helped to write constitutions in many former colonies and often the constitutions were very similar to the original French and Portuguese ones. In Latin America, presidentialism has been dominant since the mid-19th century and is part of the landscape.



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