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New Blog – Presidential Power

I would like to invite you to visit my new blog, Presidential Power. This is a blog about presidents and presidential activity across the world. If you like The Semi-Presidential One, then you will like the new blog even more.

Presidential Power is a collaborative project. I have set it up with a number of great colleagues. Whereas this blog followed presidential politics in semi-presidential countries only. The new blog covers presidents around the world, thanks to the local knowledge of the various contributors.

Presidential Power has a presence on Facebook and also on Twitter. I would invite you to ‘like’ the Facebook page and to please follow us on Twitter.

The Semi-Presidential One will continue in three ways. First, the archives of past posts will still be available. Second, I will continue to update certain basic posts, such as the list of semi-presidential countries, periods of cohabitation, etc. However, I will not be posting news about individual countries any more. Third, I will use the post to publicise my own work and to discuss any other matters that don’t necessarily fit the Presidential Power blog.

I would still encourage you to continue to bookmark The Semi-Presidential One and to keep coming back. However, there will be less activity here now as attention switches to the new blog. So, while this isn’t a goodbye, I would nonetheless like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited the site over the nearly six years that it has been active.

Thank you and over to the new blog where regular posting will begin on Monday.