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(FYR)Macedonia and Serbia – New governments

There are new governments in both (FYR)Macedonia and Serbia following the recent elections in the two countries.

In (FYR)Macedonia Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s VMRO DPMNE party, which won the election convincingly, has switched Albanian coalition partners. Now, the Democratic Union for Integration has joined the government, displacing its bitter rival the Democratic Party of Albanians. Together, they hold about two-thirds of the seats in parliament.

In Serbia there is a new prime minister with Mirko Cvetkovic taking over from former Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica. Prime Minister Cvetkovic represents President Boris Tadic’s For a European Serbia coalition that was the largest group following the election. Balkan Insight reports that President Tadic’s coalition has joined forces in government with the Socialist Party of Serbia, while there are four non-party ministers and one representing Serbia’s predominantly Muslim region of Sandzak. This gives the government a slim majority of 127 seats in the 250-seat parliament.

Election results – Serbia (legislative)

Serbia held a snap parliamentary election on 11 May. On the basis of over 95 per cent of polling station results, the Serbian electoral commission reported the following results:

For a European Serbia – Boris Tadic: 38.75%, 102 seats
Serbian Radical Party (SRS): 29.22%, 77 seats
Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) – New Serbia (NS): 11.34%, 30 seats
Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) – Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS) – United Serbia (JS): 7.57%, 20 seats
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP): 5.3%, 14 seats
Hungarian coalition: 1.86%, 4 seats
Bosniak List for European Sandzak – Sulejman Ugljanin: 0.92%, 2 seats
Coalition of Albanians from the Presevo Valley: 0.39%, 1 seat

The turnout was 61 per cent.

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s party, the DSS, won just over 11 per cent. The largest force was President Boris Tadic’s coalition. However, Tadic’s party does not have a majority and it is unclear whether he will be able to build a majority coalition. The Socialists, who did surprisingly well, may determine the make up of the next government.

Source: Serbian Government

Serbia – election called

In Serbia the coalition government has, in effect, collapsed. Prime Minister Kostinica’s party withdrew from the coalition. This meant that President Tadic had to call new parliamentary elections. They will be held on 11 May.

Election results – Serbia (presidential 2nd round)

The second round of the presidential election in Serbia was held on 3 February.

1. Boris Tadic (Democratic Party) 51.2%
1. Tomislav Nikolic (Serbian Radical Party) 48.8%

Source: Adam Carr’s website

Election results – Serbia (presidential 1st round)

The Serbian Election Commission has announced the results of the first round of the presidential election held on 20 January.

1. Total number of voters: 6,708,697
2. Votes cast: 4,116,844
3.  Number of invalid ballot papers: 78,462

1. Tomislav Nikolic (Serbian Radical Party) 39.99% (1,646,172)
2. Boris Tadic (Democratic Party) 35.39% (1,457,030)
3. Velimir Ilic (New Serbia) 7.43% (305,828)
1. Milutin Mrkonjic (Socialist Party of Serbia) 5.97% (245,889)
2. Cedomir Jovanovic (Liberal Democratic Party) 5.34% (219,689)
3. Istvan Pastor (Hungarian Coalition) 2.26% (93,039)
4. Milanka Karic (Strength of Serbia Movement) 0.98% (40,332)
5. Marijan Risticevic (Popular Peasant Party–United Peasant Party) 0.45% 18,500
6. Jugoslav Dobricanin (Reformist Party) 0.29% (11,894)

There will be a second round on 3 February.

Source: Government of Serbia