Belarus – Local elections

Local elections were held in Belarus from 20-24 April. The Central Election Commission is reporting that the turnout was 79.5%. A grand total of 21,293 seats were in play in 1,495 councils. It goes without saying that the Belarusian Central Election Commission believes the election to have been a great success.

Other observers have a slightly different interpretation of events. RFE/RL reports that there were only about 360 opposition candidates in total. Moreover, some of them boycotted the election because they were not allowed to campaign properly. In fairness, the Central Election Commission does report that some parties withdrew their candidates, calling such a move “an unsubstantiated demarche”.

Anyway, it is unclear whether any opposition candidates were elected, though there is a very brief report from a Polish source stating that three opposition Christian Democrats were elected. Overall, unlike other election reports, there are, in effect, no voting figures to report. A brief report on the elections from an NGO can be found here.

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